Saturday, April 16, 2011

room decorate fun

1 month ago i decorated my room it looks so pretty and colorful.My grandma said my room is pretty and colorful.I told her that we try to make you feel like your visiting a hotel here. So if our other grandma visits we will make her feel like she is visiting a hotel.

handmade scarf by sarah yonda

Thsi is my handmade scarf.I made it all by myself.My grandma taguht me how to knit a scarf and i will never stop. I would teach anyone to knit only if they asked me.My grandma love doing crafts she will send a lot of stuff made by hand with love from my grandma.I am making another scarf now its taking a while to do it because of the needles.My mom got me new needles there bigger.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Handmadebag, And the new rodeo girl

Sorry about the holdoff.I was too busy doing stuff around the house.Here is hannah my sister going to awana for the rodeo. She is ready to have some fun.
Here is a handmade bag I made all by myself.It is a triangle bag.I took all the time I needed to make this pretty bag.I learned this from my mom if you take your time you will just get it right.I thought of this myself you should always use your talent and not waste your talent.I hope you love this grandma.

Monday, February 7, 2011

new carpet

Today I am getting our new carpet it is really nice. I love it a lot. The carpet is choclate and vanilla. My dad picked the new carpet out. Right now they are putting the carpet in. They ripped one section up in like 1 minute. I could not belive my eyes. I think that the carpet is going to be great. Before we had really bad carpet it was light brown carpet. When we had that kind of carpet it was all smooshed down from everyone in our house. My dad said we will never get that carpet again. So that was the end of the old carpet. Here is our old carpet...
And the new carpet...